Welcome to the North Devon Retro Archive

Notice: This site is currently under active development so please check back to see the updates. I will keep the blog up to date with what part of the site I am updating so make sure you subscribe to get notifications. To make things easier to navigate during the development of this site, any menu entries with an * by them don’t currently have a detailed write-up.

As a huge technology enthusiast, computing and gaming have always been a big part of my life. I am also a bit of a hoarder so most of my past computers and consoles were retired to a shelf rather than being thrown away over the years (Thank you younger me!).

I have always wanted to set them all back up again and get them out on display but my plan was to find a bigger place to live and have a dedicated gaming room. But once this idea got into my head I found myself unable to wait any longer so decided to build some custom units and try and display as much as possible without making the place too cluttered.

Over a period of time, I started finding more places that with a bit of modifying could house another few machines and so my collection started to grow. I am now at the stage where I was starting to lose track of what I owned so made the decision to build this site and catalogue the collection as it progresses.

Although I love owning the original hardware I have so far held back from building a huge game collection. I have a small selection of games for each machine but for all others, I have used various mods and hardware to try and provide the entire library of games to each platform. In each section of the site, I will add a bit of information about the machine itself and any additional hardware/software mods that have been done to them.

So I hope you enjoy having a browse around and make sure you come back to see how the collection is growing 🙂