Raspberry Pi 400

I have been using Raspberry Pi’s for emulation since the very first board came out. Although I obviously love collecting original hardware, I currently don’t have every system in existence (I am working on it!). So for systems that I don’t have, emulation is the way to go.

I have several different setups with Raspberry Pi’s inside including a NES style case with a Pi 3B+ and also my bartop arcade cabinet.

The only issue with these setups is that they are great for playing arcade and console games. But not very friendly for playing old home computer titles. Yes, I am aware I could just plug in a keyboard and mouse, but having a NES with a keyboard and mouse hanging off it doesn’t look right!

So one day I was checking out the news sites and the Pi 400 was in the headlines. It’s basically an overclocked Raspberry Pi 4 but all built into a small keyboard.

Even though this device was brand new, it instantly gave me a large hit of nostalgia. Having a computer released where everything was built into the keyboard just like the home computers I grew up with.

Although I like my gaming PC, The design of PC’s just bore me. I have been through the stage or lighting everything up with RGB lights but currently, I have settled for a boring black rectangle. I have wished for ages that a company would once again release a computer with everything built into the keyboard. And yes, I am aware that is technically a laptop, but they are all boring too. I want something that looks like an Amiga 1200 but with a GTX2080Ti built-in.

I realise that the Pi4 isn’t exactly a 2080Ti, but for emulation of home computers it is just such a perfect match. I have set mine up with Retropie and have it emulating the Amiga, Sam Coupe, C64 and ZX Spectrum currently. I will add some more to it when I get some spare time.

So if you are wondering if this computer is right for you, I would say if you are reading my website then the answer is a definite yes! It really is an amazing little device at a great price.

Good job Raspberry Pi Foundation, I will be a customer of yours for a long time if you keep knocking out gems like this!

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Modifications and AccessoriesRaspberry Pi Mouse

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