Atari Lynx II

So here we have the Atari Lynx II. This was actually my first handheld console. I bought my Lynx from a friend of mine with a selection of games including Blue Lightning, Chips challenge, Gauntlet and Slime world.

I actually think for its time this was a great console, even if it was a bit on the chunky side and eats batteries for pastime.

Unfortunately one day, in the distant past I decided I wasn’t going to play with the Lynx anymore and sold it to a second-hand shop for about £80. I have since bought another and as always paid double the price to get one back in my collection. Seriously people, never sell anything!! lol.

Anyway, I now have one again and I also purchased Chips Challenge and Blue Lightning as a couple of original games to play. For everything else, I purchased a Lynx Game Drive.

This great little cartridge allows you to insert a micro SD card with the complete collection of Lynx games on it. It’s such an easy device to use and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a Lynx.

I have now been able to discover the entire catalog of games for this console and have found some great games on it. Also, I found some terrible ones! I was really excited to play Hard Drivin’ on it as I remember playing that in the Showboat arcade in my local town (RIP!). But upon loading it up on the Lynx, no matter how hard I tried, the 1 frame per second gameplay didn’t really capture my imagination. Well, at least they tried I guess 🙂

Catalog Information

Number in collection1
Hardware ConditionExcellent
Box ConditionAverage
Modifications and AccessoriesRetroHQ Lynx GameDrive

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