SAM HDMI – Order Form


Once fully assembled this interface takes the internal video signals from the Sam and outputs them via the Raspberry Pi Zero board as an HDMI Signal given amazing picture quality and low latency. See the photos below for an idea of what picture quality you can expect from the Sam HDMI board.


The Sam Coupe HDMI kit consists of four main parts. The first is an RGBtoHDMI 12bit Board which was designed by Hoglet67 (The project can be found here: These boards are being constructed by me but using the design and software from the project which has recently received support for the Sam Coupe.

The second part is an interface board. This was designed by me and acts as a simple bridge to connect the RGBtoHDMI board up to the Sams external interface port. This board also offers a 3.5mm audio jack to allow you to connect some sort of amplified audio solution. Please note that the audio itself is NOT transmitted with the HDMI signal (This is a limitation of the RGBtoHDMI Project).

The third part of the kit is a 3D-printed case designed by me to hold all of the required components in a neat and professional-looking package.

The final part is a raspberry pi zero. Because of the shortage of raspberry pi’s currently, I will be offering two options to purchase. One will be everything you need to assemble the unit excluding the raspberry pi. The second option will include a raspberry pi zero, however, this option may vary in price and availability.

If you want to supply me (by post) with a raspberry pi zero once your order is in production, I will install the header and assemble the unit for no additional cost.

You will also need an HDMI cable to connect the interface to your TV. The Raspberry Pi Zero uses the mini HDMI connector so you will either need a mini HDMI to HDMI cable or a mini HDMI to HDMI adapter.

If you choose the self-assembly option, full instructions will be supplied on how to put the unit together.

Optional Hardware (but may be required): The interface has an internal jumper that allows you to select between powering from the Sam itself or via an external USB power supply. Depending on the power supply you use on your Sam and also if you are running other additional interfaces such as the Trinity board. You may need to power this board from a USB power supply.

If you wish to use additional interfaces alongside the HDMI board you will need an expansion port adapter to allow you to connect multiple interfaces. These can be purchased from (two-way euro connector expansion card) or they are sometimes listed via eBay (two-way expansion card for sam coupe)


These boards are all constructed by hand and I have to purchase all the required components in batches. So if you want one of these kits, fill out the form below with your contact details and once your board is ready I will contact you via email to arrange the payment and to check if you still want one. Payment will be via PayPal at the point of shipping.

The kit (without Raspberry Pi Zero) will cost £60 + P&P and will be shipped from the United Kingdom. If you are ordering from outside of the UK I will contact you to let you know shipping costs and ask if you still want to go ahead. Any customs or import fees will be the responsibility of the buyer.

If you want the raspberry pi zero included and your interface fully assembled and tested then the price will be £80 + P&P

Sales to destinations outside of the UK may incur additional customs and import charges and it will be the responsibility of the buyer to pay these fees.

Still interested? Then fill out the form below.