ZX Spectrum Next (Dev Board)

For my thoughts on the Spectrum Next in general, please see my other article.

But here we have the Issue 2a developer board. When I backed the Kickstarter for this project you got back for a circuit board only option which was going to be delivered before the final computer (A couple of years before as it turned out). Me being as impatient as I am, I went for it.

The board was designed so that it could fit inside of the original case for the 48k speccy. I didn’t have a spare case laying around so I decided to purchase a brand new reproduction case from the guys at https://retroradionics.co.uk/

The spectrum next has a few differences though. First being the joystick ports on the front and then a few buttons on the left-hand side. With some careful cutting, filing, drilling and a few 3D printed buttons, I was able to slot the board in place.

Thinking back now though, I really should have put it into a 48+ case as the keyboard on this thing is bloody awful to type on and was probably the main reason I didn’t really mess around with development on the Spectrum Next until the final product arrived. Still, it’s a nice addition to the collection and those boards will never be produced again so is already quite a rare object.

Catalog Information

Number in collection1
Hardware ConditionExcellent
Box ConditionN/A
Modifications and AccessoriesReproduction 48k Spectrum Case

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