Macintosh Classic II

I know I’ve been a bit quiet for a few months but I have been working on a big project in the background (More info soon).

To keep me busy though, I decided I needed something new to have a tinker with, so I purchased a non working Apple Macintosh Classic II off Ebay.

The seller did a great job of packaging it up and it arrived with no damage whatsoever. I tried powering it up and got vertical lines on the CRT just as the eBay listing showed.

Interestingly, on my 3rd or 4th power on, I heard the startup sound and the machine booted straight up. The hard disk was working fine and so was the floppy drive!

Not exactly the repair challenge I was hoping for, but I can’t complain.

I have since re-capped the logic board, although to be fair it was in near-perfect condition, no corrosion, and even the battery had no leakage.

Even after the re-cap though, it suffers from an issue where when powered on, it will stay on a black screen, and after 10-20 seconds it will then spring into life. I’ve noticed this start time has decreased in the warm weather.

I am expecting it to be the capacitors on the Analog board that need replacing. I don’t have all the correct values here currently though, so will sort that another day.

I am also just about to acquire a SCSI Zip drive, so once I get that I can use my PC with Zip drive to transfer some software across and have a proper play.

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