Nintendo 2DS, the perfect Spectrum Emulator!

Ok, so I actually bought a 2DS quite a while ago and forgot to add it to my list. So when a cheap boxed 2DS came up for sale I picked it up. Only afterward did I start getting deja vu and realised there was one sitting on display in my cabinet lol.

It did however motivate me to start messing around with it again and I have spent a fair amount of time playing with the 2DS’s best use case, A ZX Spectrum Emualtor! ZXDS is in my opinion one of the best ways of playing Spectrum games on the go. The 2DS form factor is great and the second screen acts as the keyboard for the Speccy.

To run the emulator you will need to have hacked for 2DS which is a pretty simple process and you can follow the guide at

Once you have got that far, download the emulator from this website:

In the zip file, you will need to copy the entire ZXDS folder and place it in the root of your 2DS SD Card. Also, copy over the .cia file.

Then put the SD card back into your 2DS, load up the FBI application and use it to install the .cia file. It should now appear as a new app on your 2DS and you are good to go.

You don’t even need to worry about games as it has an online capability to download games directly from the World of Spectrum archive. Although some games such as ones made by Codemasters, you will need to find elsewhere due to copyright issues.

And there you have it, a portable Spectrum that is much better than any of the other attempts at a handheld Speccy (and cheaper!)

I will also mention that there is a great C64 and Amiga Emulator, but these run better on the “New 3DS/2DS” consoles.

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