Sony Playstation 5

So I was lucky enough to get one of these pre-ordered on Amazon a few minutes after the listing went live.

The console itself is great and personally I really like the looks of it. To me Sony have always done something new with the design of their consoles hwere as over manufacturers just seem to draw a rectangle on a piece of paper and call it job done. I think the only playstation design that dissapointed me slightly was the PS4, they went a bit too sensible for me on that one even though it was still a great console.

So currently I am playing through Dirt 5 which has been fun even though I have stumbled across quite a few weird bugs which hopefully they will fix. Do game companies not even play test their games anymore?

Hopefully in the near future some great games will come out for this console. To me the launch line up was lacking a fair bit. I am sure some of the games are good, they are just not for me.

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