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  1. Hello, although two years late…my good post, it is very useful to me, thank you. I have a CPC6128+ and I would like to manufacture a cartridge. I have been collecting information to buy the necessary components and I have a question that I don’t know if you can help me with… the eproms I am looking at are m27C1001 -10F1 dip-32 or m27C1001 -12F1 or m27C1001 -15F1 are valid, could you tell me that Is there a difference?… thank you very much

    • If I remember correctly the numbers after the m27C1001 is the access speed of the ROM, so 10 would be 100NS, 12 would be 120NS etc. These are just their maximum speeds so will operate slower. I’m fairly confident that all of those eproms will run faster than the CPC needs, so you should be good to go with whichever is easiest to get hold of.

      • Thank you. Sorry for another question, if I replace it with a 256 or 512 KB eprom and load a game of those sizes, would they work on that board…? I thought I read somewhere that you have to cross paths to do this…

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