The Vectrex!!

I have been looking at these machines for a while now and monitoring what prices they go for. Then just before the weekend, I saw this one come up on eBay for a reasonable price. I then noticed that it was actually located in Bristol which is only a day trip away from me. With a bit more digging around I found he had also listed it on Facebook marketplace without the price to cover eBay fees. A few messages later and a deal was done.

The next bonus to my newly planned day trip was the fact that the guy runs the Retro Arcade in Bristol that I posted about earlier. All of that combined with a trip to Za Za Bazaar for lunch, made this look like a promising day out!

The day was a great success but what I brought home with me was this gorgeous piece of history. The Vectrex has its own display built into the console but instead of displaying pixels, this console drew its graphics using vectors and is the only console ever released of its kind.

The display itself is monochrome but colour was added to the games by sliding a coloured film in front of the display. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of the original games yet (apart from the built in game) but I do have some modern Neon UV filters on their way which look really great when combined with a UV light source. I will do a post about this once I have it all set up.

For now though here is the console in all its glory, along with an acrylic light that I made to sit alongside it to add to the whole vector effect.

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