Neo Geo CD

Another new one for the collection arrived today in the form of a top-loading Neo Geo CD. Unboxed, but it’s in great condition. The console has a Sega Saturn sort of aesthetic to it, but the controllers are really nice. I am loving the micro-switched joypads!

I decided to go for the CD version as the game cartridges for the Neo Geo AES were expensive when they came out, and haven’t gotten much cheaper! Looking around, the cartridge games seem to be in the £100’s of pounds each. At least with the CD version, I can play CD Backups relatively easily. My initial experimentation shows my Verbatim discs seem to work pretty well but I do get some errors occasionally, even after burning them at 4x on my Sony IDE CD-Writer. Maybe a replacement laser assembly is on the cards for this one in the future. The original games work though, and the lasers in these older consoles can be very picky at the best of times (I’m looking at you 3DO!)

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