Wonderswan Color added to the collection

Since I’m running a bit low on shelf space currently, I decided to pick up another handheld. This is a bit of an unusual one as it was never sold outside of Japan. Released by Bandai in 1999 the Wonderswan range of consoles was born, this one is the color version which was released later on in like but maintained backwards compatibility.

A lot of the games for this thing are stupidly expensive and therefore I have splashed out for a flash cartridge for it. I’ll make a post about it when it arrives, it’s a bit odd as it’s not compatible with all the games, but a large portion will be playable and that will be enough to keep me entertained.

This unit is in pretty good condition but the screen has a fair few light scratches. Luckily replacement screen glass is available and I have one sat here waiting for some time to fit it. It also came with a game named Rockman which I believe is what we call Megaman (or at least it is somehow related to it)

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