Another PS4? Why? To Jailbreak of course!

With the release of the 9.00 firmware jailbreak, I was very keen to have a play around with modding the PS4. Unfortunately, my daily driver is used in the bedroom and kept up to date to access internet features. Luckily I found a Facebook marketplace bargain and snagged this older version 1TB PS4 for £80. The power button is faulty currently but it turns on and off fine via the controller, and I may fix the power button one day if it bothers me enough.

Anyway, after watching a few videos online, my PS4 was modded with GoldHEN. The method I have chosen to perform the jailbreak is using a raspberry pi zero. Since the jailbreak needs to be done every cold reboot, someone has designed a raspberry pi build that not only hosts the exploit web server but also emulates a controller to auto navigate through the menus and then switches itself into USB emulation mode to perform the exploit. This is a really nice solution to this otherwise mildly annoying problem. More details of this can be seen HERE

So now this is modded I am able to load any PS4 PKG files onto the consoles, this includes backups of retail games so you can store them all on the HDD and not need to worry about inserting discs anymore.

The downside is there is no access to online services, but that’s is what my main PS4 Pro is used for so I have no regrets 🙂

As you can see I also went for a retro-style skin on this console to differentiate this one from my main console.

If you are interested in doing this jailbreak and your console is running firmware 9.0 or below then I recommend checking out the MrMario2011 videos on YouTube.

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