XBOX Series S

I am fully aware that this is in no way a retro console! But it is a part of my collection and saves me having to update my website again in 20-30 years’ time 🙂

This was actually a win in a raffle, so only cost me £12 which I’m fairly sure is a good price. It’s also my first digital-only console, which I have very mixed feelings about. Since it’s not my main console, the XBOX game pass thing just isn’t a good deal for me, and looking through the games available there is only a couple I would enjoy playing anyway so it’s best just to buy them.

I already owned Flight Simulator on the PC, so it’s nice that it transferred over to the console. I have also purchased Forza Horizon 5 for it as I quite enjoyed the last one. I expect those will be the only games that ever go on this console unless some other amazing XBOX exclusive comes out. Maybe I’ll take a look at the developer mode on these at some point in the future and have a mess around with the emulators and homebrew just for something to do.

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