Parappa the Rapper merchandise

Although I mainly collect old computers and consoles, I do also have a selection of other retro merchandise and toys. I think in the near future I’m going to have to add a new section to my archive to include some of this stuff.

My latest pickup was this strange and seemingly quite rare Parappa the Rapper toy. It’s a moving toy depicting a picnic scene with Parapper and Sunny. When you press the button there is some Japanese dialogue and then it busts out into a cute tune and their heads bob around to the music.

The Boom Box in the scene contains a removable keyring containing a cartridge that holds the music and speech data. I assume they planned on releasing additional keyrings or something, but I think only 3 different models were ever released and I don’t know if any additional cartridges were ever made.

One thing is for certain though, it has a very high cuteness factor!

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