Nokia N-Gage #sidetalking

The only thing I really remember about these devices when they came out, was everyone taking the **** out of them for having to hold them sideways to use them as a phone.

Well besides that issue, the device itself could actually run some pretty good games for the time. Games like Tomb Raider got their own port for the system, and apart from the weird portrait screen, it was pretty playable.

One other big complaint people had about them was having to take the case off and remove the battery to change the game card. This however is no longer an issue since cracked games are easily available now and you can just fill up a 1GB MMC card with all the games you want and just leave it in the system.

I look forward to seeing what other games the system has to offer, already found a pretty good version of Rayman 3 which I have never come across on any other system as this is a 2D platformer like the original Rayman.

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