Gameboy Advance

Another handheld added to the collection. Also got a Supercard from Wish to load the ROMs onto. Great little console to mess around on 🙂

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  1. The GameBoy Advance is a solid handheld system and very easy to pick up at low cost these days. However, installing an IPS V2 back-lit screen, transforms it into something very special.
    The SuperCard isn’t the best for Replaying Rom games, as many will struggle to run at full speed. Some games are unplayable such as F1 2002. Apparently EZ Flash Omega has better performance.

    • Hey,

      Yep I learned the hard way about the supercard! lol. When I was searching for what card to get, this one popped up everywhere. However once I purchased it and noticed all ther games running slow and you search for “supercard slow” you see a whole different set of reviews. Avoid at all costs!

      I now have the EZ Flash Omega and it just works like it should so I would recommend this to anyone.

      I am torn with the IPS screeen mods. They would make my Advance, Lynx and Gaemgear much more usable. But at the same time it removes their character. Maybe I will see about getting a second advance just to do the screen mod too at some point 🙂

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