Bring on the Music!! Yamaha CX5M

I haven’t messed around with MIDI since my late Sam Coupe years and early 286 PC years where I used to connect a Yamaha PSS-780 keyboard up to the computer and “attempt” to get it to play some music. Usually I just ended up shoving pre-made MIDI files through it back then!

But recently I was watching a YouTube episode from RMC The Cave (loads of good videos to watch!) and he did a review of the Yamaha CX5M which is an MSX based computer with a built in Yamaha FM synthesiser.

Well, i have looked at many MSX computers recently with the aim of picking one up, and after seeing this I just knew this was the one. Not only can I experiment with an MSX but I can also go back and have a play with MIDI again 🙂

So, here she is! My very own CX5M with the YK-10 Keyboard

So whats next for this one?

Well the one small issue with it is this system has the SFG-01 addon board which doesn’t support MIDI input. They released a later SFG-05 module that had better software and more features.

Luckily you can do a mod to upgrade it. So I have a freshly burned EPROM sat here waiting to go in it over the weekend!

I have also ordered a SD mapper and 512K expansion so I can play around with some of the MSX software that is available.

Really looking forward to this and will update the site with my thoughts once I have had a play 🙂

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