New custom-built display cabinet

I was starting to run out of places to put new computers/consoles so I busted out SketchUp and put together a 3D model for a new display cabinet which would give me some storage space and some extra slots to fill with retro goodness.

I drew the unit to scale so I could take all the measurements I needed to put it all together. I also 3D printed some jigs for all the holes so I didn’t have to keep measuring where I needed to drill. After around a day of drilling holes, I basically ended up with a flat pack kit that I could easily assemble.

After a few days of work, I finally had the unit fully assembled. The next step was to wire everything up which involved another OSSC unit (Open source Scan Converter) attached to a full size Hydra scart switch. Not the cheapest of equipment but I believe it’s definately the best currently available for this purpose.

And here is the finished unit in all its glory! I’ve currently placed some shelf fillers on there just so it doesn’t look empty but I actually have 3 of the large shelves available for usage and have a couple of other empty shelves elsewhere now as I moved the Jaguar and CD32 onto this unit.

I’m pretty happy with the result. So what do you think I should put on these new shelves???

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