Philips CM8833-ii

One of the issue with having all these computers is having a display screen to use them on. I don’t just want to collect computer, I want to be able to play on them, so every system I have is hooked up and usable.

Most of my devices go through OSSC’s and then plugged into modern TVs via HDMI. But since I built my new unit I figured I had space for an old CRT monitor for the CPC464 and Spectrum.

My original plan was to buy an Amstrad CTM640. But when the person I bought it off packaged it in a cardboard box with a single layer of bubble wrap, you can imagine how well that turned out!

Luckily a friend of mine from school still had this beauty sat up in his loft. So we dragged it out, tested it, and now it sits on my unit displaying the CPC and Speccy in glorious picture quality. It’s also a 15Khz display so should work fine with the Spectrum Lightgun.

I didn’t realise that this monitor also has built-in speakers so that has saved me a lot of hassle with the wiring. Now both computers just plug into a scart splitter and I can turn either computer on by voice using WiFi switches (I have tried to do this with all the systems so I don’t have to mess around with plug switches).

Needless to say, I am very happy with this purchase so thank you Shaun for keeping it in such good condition over all these years.

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