Panasonic FZ-1 (3DO)

Another new edition to the collection. The Panasonic FZ-1 3DO console. This console launched in 1993 in the UK at a price of £400, which is roughly around £830 in today’s money. Safe to say I have never owned one of these before now!

This only came with one game called Striker, and I am really not a fan of football games. Luckily copy protection wasn’t a thing back then so burning ISOs to a blank CD works fine with this system. The one issue I did have though, is my modern PC won’t write discs any slower than 24x. At this speed, the discs were not readable in the 3DO. So I had to bust out the old retro PC and use the Sony CD writer in that which can do a 4x write. These work well in the 3DO but with some occasional skipping usually on the opening video scenes.

I expect an optical drive emulator will be on the cards for this system in the future but is it one of the more expensive systems to mod in this way (

Have you ever owned one of these? What games should I try out?

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