48K Speccy added to the collection

So I have actually had a 48k speccy sat in a box for quite some time but it is in pretty bad shape so didn’t consider it as part of my collection. Recently I was given a bundle of retro bits and included were another two 48ks. One was a board only and one was cased. Again the case wasn’t in great condition but it was a fully working Issue 2 board inside. So I decided to rehome this one in a brand new reproduction case with a new keyboard membrane too.

In the bundle I recieved there was also an brand new in box VTX5000 modem for the speccy (unfortunately the ribbon cable was missing from the box though so I will be making my own adapter to plug it in). This gives the 48k a nice stand to sit on and I will be looking to see if I can use this to connect to something in the future.

I’ve not got this one wired up permanently yet as I need to do the composite video mod on it then I will probably actually move it next to the CRT screen.

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