Sinclair ZX81

I’ve actually had this for a couple of weeks now but hadn’t got around to adding it to the site. I’ve still not got around to connecting it up yet either due to being busy with other projects. I don’t see me spending a huge amount of time actually using this one as the Spectrum was a far better computer, but it will certainly be interesting to see what limitations people had to deal with on the first home micros!

I was always fascinated with the keyboard on these when I was younger, it always looked kind of futuristic like some sort of touch screen device. I expect the reality of actually typing on it will be a very different experience from what I imagined.

The interface stuck out of the back of the is the 16K memory expansion. This was pretty much an essential addon due to the ZX81 only having 1KB on board. The sticky residue on the interface was from a previous owners attempt to tape the interface to their ZX81 due to it being extremely common that if you gave it the slightest nudge when powered on, the computer would crash and you would lose your work 🙂

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