Amstrad GX4000

With an estimated 15,000 units sold worldwide, the GX4000 is still quite easy to get hold of. That probably tells you something about how good it is! Although the price of this console does seem to be going up recently.

The console is still a nice looking machine though and there are a few good games that were launched for it. Only around 30 cartridges ever came out for the console. These now seem to sell for more money than the actual console. I have looked around and there is an SD card solution for this console but considering the small size of the library and the quality of most of those games, I have decided to go down a different route.

The user “Chinnery” on the CPC forums has released the designs for a blank PCB for this unit. All that is then needed is an EPROM chip to write the game to and a couple of other components. Stick this in a 3D printed case and we are done.

Considering there is probably a maximum of 10 games that I want then this should be a cheap way of getting them in my collection.

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