Dk’tronics Spectrum keyboard

When I was younger we had our 48k Spectrum in a big black plastic keyboard shell. So I didn’t have to put up with trying to type on the little rubber keys that people normally associate with the Speccy 48k (This was before the Spectrum+ came out).

For a while, I have wanted to get one of these again as I have no idea what happened to ours. I think it’s probably sat in a loft somewhere well and truly buried!

Well, I finally managed to get one, and it’s also complete in its original box. Not only that but it appears to have never been used as the stickers for the keys haven’t even been applied yet.

Of course, you know what the next problem is. Do I actually use this and apply the sticker set? Or does this one need to stay in its current condition and I now need to buy another one to actually stick a speccy inside!! 🤣

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