I shall call him, Mini Wii

The Wii mini was an odd choice by Nintendo. Designed to be a cheaper version of the Wii, but lacked Gamecube game support, WiFi, 480p video output and the SD Card slot. It seemed to be the console that nobody had asked for. I’m pretty sure by the time it launched, everyone and their granny already owned a Wii anyway.

It did however have quite a stylish look to it and the Wiimotes included the Wii motion plus functionality. But the main reason I never looked at it again was that it was classed as “un-hackable”

Without internet access or the SD card slot, non of the known exploits would work on this unit. But recently I saw an article saying it had been hacked. It turns out it was actually hacked way back in 2020 but it seemed to go pretty much unnoticed.

Anyway, since the option was there now to mod it and loads games from a USB stick, I thought it would be rude to not have one in my collection. I have added it to the Nintendo shelf in the bedroom so I can have some late-night Mario Kart action 😁.

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