Sony Bravia KDL-15G2000

I recently connected the Atari 2600 up to a spare small LCD TV I had kicking around, but this TV really was garbage picture quality. You had to look at it straight on otherwise the colours would go inverted. Needless to say, that is now going to the great recycling centre in the sky.

But I did like the idea of having the Atari 2600 on its own TV screen and with a bit of juggling around, there is probably room for another console in the same area. So this meant I needed a good TV to take its place.

Luckily I knew exactly what I wanted as I already have one in a different room with the MSX hooked up to it. The Sony Bravia KDL-15G2000 15″ LCD TV.

The picture quality is really good on it, the TV is nice and compact, and it has SCART, Component, composite and VGA inputs on it.

Next step will be to wall mount it so it sits a bit further back, then I can lower the shelf it currently sits on and maybe move the GX4000 here to free up an RGB Scart port in the lounge for something different.

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