New for the collection, The PC Engine DUO

I have always wanted a PC engine in my collection but for a while, I settled with the PC Engine mini console to get my PC engine fix. Well, now I have the real thing finally. I went for the PC engine DUO which is a Japanese version of the PC engine with the CD-ROM attachment built into it so it can play games from both CD and the HuCard slot.

Games for the CD part of this console can just be burnt to CD as they had no copy protection and were also region free. I have also ordered an SD-Card solution for the HuCard side of things so will see how well that works when it arrives.

For an 8-bit console, the PC Engine certainly does a good job in the graphics department, many of the games have a very much 16bit feel to them. Will be fun going through the library to see what is out there.

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