Game & Watch Zelda Editon

I had kind of forgotten I even pre-ordered this many months ago, but a few days ago an Amazon parcel arrived containing the new Game & Watch from Nintendo. This time it’s Zelda that gets the game and watch treatment. The small device contains: The Legend of Zelda, The Adventure of Link and Links Awakening. Along with a bonus game and watch game and the clock functionality.

I was a bit surprised/disappointed to find that Links awakening was the original Gameboy version and not the Gameboy Color DX version. Seems a bit of an odd choice since the other two games are NES versions and are therefore both in colour. Still, it’s a nice little device and I guess people who buy it and more interested in collecting things like this rather than actually playing them. There are many easier ways to play these games and more without buying a new handheld each time you want to play a different game 🙂

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