Revival Games – Plymouth

I only heard about this shop a couple of weeks ago and have been dying to get down there and take a look. Well, yesterday was that day.

I think the shop has been open for a few months now and they have a brilliant stock of retro consoles and computers including things such as Amigas, Atari 2600s, Sega Saturns, 3DOs, Playstations and a variety of handheld consoles. I was quite surprised with how much hardware they had in stock.

They also have a great selection of games for the various consoles, including games for some of the rarer machines like the Japanese PC Engine.

If you are ever in the Plymouth area, you really cannot miss out on paying this store a visit. It’s certainly going to become my go-to shop to visit when I make a trip down to the big city!

The store is located on the same side of the city as the National Marine Aquarium, and when we visited, we were able to park straight outside the shop, which is handy for loading all that newly purchased hardware and software into the car.

For more information visit their website at:

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  1. Looks really cool, I definitely need to visit soon!

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