Sony – KDL22PX300 a.k.a. Sony PS2 TV

Something a bit different and I think fairly rare in the grand scheme of things. The Sony Playstation 2 TV was released in 2010, very late in the PS2’s life cycle and after the launch of the PS3. Apparently, Sony had a bunch of PAL PS2s they needed to shift so came up with the idea of combining the PS2 with a 22inch Bravia LCD TV. I don’t think these were ever sold outside of the UK, so are rare in the global market.

The PS2 is built into the base of this TV and is wired internally using a component video connection so the picture quality is as good as you can get natively from a PS2. The PS2 itself is the latest version of the console so unfortunately can’t be hacked with the standard Free McBoot mod. But it can be modified to run the Fortuna hack.

I am currently using Funtuna which basically combines the Fortuna hack with Free McBoot so you get all the same functionality. The only difference is it doesn’t automatically launch the hack when you turn it on, you instead have to go into the PS2 browser and press a few buttons. Not really the end of the world.

I have set this one up now booting games over the network from a Netgear ReadyNAS drive. This is faster than booting from USB since the PS2 only has USB 1.1 ports.

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