Room for one more Amiga? Only if it’s a small one!

And no I don’t mean the A500 Mini! My latest acquisition is non-other than the Amiga A600. Not the most popular machine back in its day but it is pretty cute and it fits onto a small shelf a lot easier than the Amiga 500 did.

This one currently has a fault with its floppy drive which I need to look at (or replace with a Gotek). It also has a bit of yellowing on its keyboard so I will be stripping that down and retro-brighting it over the weekend. But other than that it’s in pretty good condition. Due to a lack of space, I am probably going to retire my Amiga 500 to storage for a bit as I need the shelf for my Archimedes. So hopefully I will find a smaller spot for the 600 to sit.

As well as a general clean and refurb, I will also be fitting a Compact Flash adapter to this one so I can use it with WHD-Load.

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