ZX Spectrum +3

I’ve been a bit lazy recently and have been buying stuff without adding it to my site, so over the next couple of days I will update it with some new purchases and projects. The first of which is the ZX Spectrum +3.

Like most +3s the drive belt had gone and needed replacing, I also had to do the audio mod so the sound is no longer distorted over RGB scart. But other than that it all works beautifully. The next issue is the orignal games can be quite expensive. You can put a Gotek drive in these but I already have multiple DivIDEs for the spectrum so loading games isnt an issue. What I really want is something to make use of the drive. So, I have purchased some blank disks and a Multiface 3 expansion so i can snapshot games to disk. That should keep me entertained for a few minutes at least.

and here is a photo of it in pieces undergoing an internal refurb

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