Commodore PC10-ii

I was given this old PC the other day along with a bunch of other bits and pieces that I am still going through. But this was definitely the most interesting item so I wanted to take a look at it as soon as possible.

After measuring the voltages coming from the power supply it was clearly dead, all voltages shoeing around 1.7Volts. A full re-cap had the potential of bringing it back to life, but these old power supplies were not that great. The huge fan on it also failed and rattled around as it tried to spin.

My decision was to buy a small ATX power supply and retrofit it to the unit. After slicing the connectors onto the modern ATX PSU, I measured all the voltages again and then powered it up.

And it is now booting! This one was actually fitted with an ancient Western Digital Hard Drive which has also died, it spins up and tries to read, but it doesn’t sound healthy and wouldn’t boot. The floppy drives, however, do work, and among the other stuff I picked up, was a set of 5 1/4 inch floppies including a Microsoft DOS Boot floppy.

The most interesting thing about this unit is someone has fitted an Orchid Tiny Turbo 286 processor board to it. I’ve not been able to fully test that yet as I need to build up an AT-XT Keyboard adapter. But the PC does boot with the switch in both positions so I think it’s fine.

The next steps are to fit a modern Hard Drive solution like an XT-IDE board, give it some sound with a modern Adlib Sound card replacement and then design and 3D print a bracket to hold the new PSU in place and mount the power input and power switch on the back of the unit. Should be a fun project!

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