Greaseweazle F7 – Retro USB Floppy Writer

One issue people have these days is writing floppy images back to 3.5inch floppy disks so they can be used in retro computers such as the Amiga, Sam and Atari ST etc.

The first mistake people make is they just go out and buy a USB floppy drive. The problem is these devices don’t give direct access to the floppy drive hardware so none of the applications designed for this purpose work with them.

So now you have two options. You can either put together an old PC which has a floppy disk interface on the motherboard (I do already have one of these for this purpose). Or you can buy yourself a Greaseweasel interface! This interface links to a modern PC via USB and then connects up to an old flopppy drive. Combined with the software available from here: you will now be able to read/write and format floppy disks in the correct format for retro computers.

I have designed and 3D printed a nice enclosure for this to all sit in which can be downloaded here if you want to print one yourself.

I purchased this device directly from Kier and it cost me £22 inc postage to the UK which I think is a brilliant price for a device that is going to be very useful for any retro computer collector. Head over to his Facebook page to find out more information on how to purchase one.

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