Amstrad CPC464

So here we have my first donation to the archive. An Amstrad CPC464 with the GT65 green screen monitor and a nice box of games. The CPC464 itself was nonworking so this was my first attempt at bringing an old computer back from the dead. I will put together a small write-up soon of how that went.

If you have any old computers that I am missing from my collection and wish to donate them, then please get in touch 😁

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  1. Nice. This is the next one on my list. Roland in the Caves holds a special place in my heart. Loving the site btw, would appreciate it if you check mine out too, kinda the same vibe 🙂

    • Feel free to post a link to your site in my guestbook so other people can see it too 🙂

      I’ve just checked the box of games I got with this and Roland in the caves is in there so will check it out 🙂

      Will also check out your website.

      Thanks for visiting!

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