The Steamdeck arrives!

After pre-ordering back in July last year and then patiently waiting (which I’m not very good at). My steamdeck has finally arrived. So the first thing I did was tested the performance to the absolute max and played Monkey Island on it 🤣

Funnily enough the deck managed to play this at full frame rate with no issues 👌

I did try go on and test some less well known games such as Grand Theft Auto 5. It is pretty amazing to see this game running with high settings at 60fps on a handheld PC. This truly is a VERY capable handheld gaming machine.

I’ve also spent a brief amount of time messing around with emulators and currently have it emulating PS2 games pretty well. I will be spending more time on that side of things in the near future.

If you are still waiting for yours to arrive, you will not be disappointed!

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