Analogue Pocket – Portable FPGA

When I first heard about the Analogue Pocket, I thought it looked like a nice device, but I didn’t commit myself to a pre-order. I already have several emulation handhelds that can play pretty much anything I want them to.

But, as time passed, I started seeing more reviews of the device saying that it really was a nice piece of hardware, especially with the 1600×1440 3.5inch screen (which perfectly scales for the Gameboys resolution).

When the device was first launched, the main limiting factor was that it only played original Gameboy/Colour/Advance games with an optional adapters for Game Gear/Lynx/TG16 advertised. This is great for people that have large collections of original games, but I didn’t really fit into that category.

Fast forward to today, and the story is completely different. The Analogue Pocket has now been opened up to the community for development, and many FPGA Cores have now been released for the system that allow rom files to be loaded from the SD-Card. The device now supports the majority of 8/16bit consoles, some arcade machines and even the Amiga (Seen running in the screenshot above).

The system has become a very nice device to play on and has a great community building around it. I’m looking forward to seeing what other systems get ported over to it in the future.

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