Amiga 1200 joins my collection

One of the most obvious Amigas missing from my collection was the Amiga A1200. I already have a CD32 with a TF330 card so this was my alternative to the A1200, but I decided that I needed to get the real experience.

So here it is, a lovely condition A1200 with 4MB of additional memory in the trapdoor and a compact flash card adapter mounted on the back to replace the 20 MB HDD that was fitted.

I have also moved my PCMCIA Network adapter to this machine and hooked it up to an ethernet to Wi-Fi adapter to connect it to my home network for internet access and transferring files.

Apart from a few creature comforts, I am keeping this one close to original including the floppy drive so I can load that original Amiga software.

This computer is a thing of beauty 🙂

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